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30.03.2017 11:09 Category: News from BORDA Southeast Asia
by Dao Thi Hoa Anh – BORDA Vietnam

Vietnam: BORDA and VAWR Contribute to World Water Day 2017 Activities in Bac Ninh Province

During 2 days 21st-22nd March 2017, Department of Water Resources Management (DWRM) is under Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment hosted several activities in Bac Ninh province to promote World Water Day 2017 with the theme “Why Wastewater?”. Among these activities, BORDA contributed a thematic paper to a science conference on safe treatment, wastewater reuse – a sustainable solution for water resources protection.

Responded to the call for participants from DWRM, BORDA Vietnam and Vietnam Academy for Water Resources (VAWR) had sent the paper sharing the experience and lesson learns on disseminating Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Solution (DEWATS) in Vietnam. Not long after sending, BORDA Vietnam-VAWR received the notification from DWRM that BORDA Vietnam-VAWR’s paper had been chosen to be published on the conference book.
Besides contributing to the conference book, Mrs. Pham Thi Hai Yen – BORDA Vietnam Representative and Mrs. Nguyen Thi Ha Chau – VAWR engineers also participated in the conference which also involved the participants from government and private sector. Conference provided the participants with various information on wastewater management and the reuse via presentations and conference book. Together with BORDA Vietnam-VAWR, Ministry of Construction, Hanoi University Natural Resources and Environment, Hanoi University of Technology contributed papers to the conference book.
By contributing to the conference, once again BORDA Vietnam-VAWR strengthened the presence and commitment to the sanitation sector in Vietnam.