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20.07.2017 14:12 Category: PBNS (BNS Philippines) PBNS (BNS Philippines)
by Darleene Noela Cac and Engr. Marlon Oiga – BNS Philippines

Philippines: Naguilian River System on Introducing the “Water Quality Management Area” on their 4th Organizational Meeting

Held at Oasis Country Resort, San Fernando City, Province of La Union last 8th of June, 2017, the 4th Organizational Meeting was conducted. The said meeting has been witnessed by our very own, Senior Project Engineer Warly A. Mahusay of BNS-BORDA, together with the other participants such as the Water District, San Fernando DepEd Region I, San Fernando City, Bauang, Naguilian, Burgos, Bagulin, Province of La Union and DOH Region I. In the said meeting, the Naguilian River System was introduced to the participants as one of the new Water Quality Management Area or simply known as “WQMA” (pronounced as wak-ma). The WQMA has several LGU partners, which are located along the Naguilian River System; these are the San Fernando City and the Municipalities of Bauang, Naguilian, Burgos, and Bagulin.

The WQMA was built to protect the Naguilian River that is why BNS-BORDA was invited to be a member or part of the Technical Working Group (TWG). The TWG was divided into three (3) groups – Funding, Mapping, and Intervention group.

WQMA has the objectives to protect, thru stakeholders collaboration, the water body and its tributaries by keeping their water quality within the Water Quality Guidelines or Criteria conforming to the water body’s classification (e.g. Class C or Class SC) or even improve the quality to higher classification (e.g., from C to B or SC to SB). A WQMA Action Plan will be prepared in order to address water quality issues and problems in the area and later result to the improvement or better water quality of the said water body. To clean the esteros and water bodies by mobilizing estero communities and getting their involvement in clean-ups and implementing plans towards cleaner esteros and water bodies .

To reduce water-borne disease particularly among children and vulnerable groups; to reduce the incidence and risks of prolonged flooding caused by impeded water flow. To minimize additional pollution loads into receiving surface waters, e.g., lakes and seas; and to sustain integration through the strengthening of public private-community partnerships, mainstreaming into regular LGU programs and passage of complementary local policies. Those are some of the important objectives of the Water Quality Management Area (WQMA) that focuses on how to protect the water bodies and preventing the water bodies to be contaminated.

BNS-BORDA falls under the 3rd group, which is the Intervention Group, since we are capable of providing technical services for wastewater management projects through this expertise in Technology particularly in Decentralized Wastewater Treatment System (DEWATS).

The 5th Organizational Meeting shall be conducted in July.