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04.05.2017 10:55 Category: News from BORDA Southeast Asia
by Rifki Praditya – BORDA Indonesia

Indonesia: The Short Insights of Wastewater for Pupils

World Water Day, on March 22 every year, is about taking action on water issues. In 2017, the theme is wastewater and the campaign, ‘Why waste water?’, is about reducing and reusing wastewater. Concerning this theme, globally over 80% of the wastewater generated by society flows back into the ecosystem without being treated or reused (source: fact sheet WWD 2017). Afterwards, every year many activities from all hosted in the world conduct the campaign with various concepts appropriate their target groups.

Recently, BORDA Indonesia held an education event for a primary school (SD) in Sleman regency. It is because BORDA Indonesia had cooperation with Sleman local government to implement the integrated approach into a pilot project in Sleman. There are a lot of tasks to do within this cooperation, on the other hand, BORDA Indonesia developed an educational program to teach the pupils about wastewater and the treatment.

Together with 34 pupils of 5th grade SD Mayangan, located in Trihanggo village, some staff members of BORDA Indonesia, they were from the Public Relations and Technical teams gave materials about what are wastewater types, how to treat wastewater, and told about Sleman as a water catchment area. It means, the water flows from Sleman to other area around it, such as Yogyakarta city, Bantul, Kulon Progo, and Gunung Kidul regency. Moreover, the pupils should know about that, because they will become a guard keeper or a leader to take care of this in future. In addition, they can also talk and invite other people about reusing the wastewater. Beside of that, the pupils joined small drawing competition in their class with topic “I can reuse wastewater for life”.

In cooperation with PDAM (the national water utilities) Sleman, BORDA Indonesia asked them to give education about how to save the water consumption in daily life. During this session with PDAM, the pupils had so many questions and created interactive discussions. Then, the pupils had a field trip to visit water source and the water treatment of PDAM Sleman nearby the school. Through this activity, all pupils can understand where the water consumed in their home comes from.

Finally the event was successful. It was supported by a cooperation with staff members of BORDA Indonesia, the school principal, PDAM as well as the Educational local government of Sleman. During the half day, all pupils were interested to get more new knowledge about wastewater indeed. Hopefully the event will increase their motivation to reach awareness about environment insights.