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27.01.2017 08:37 Category: IBOR (BORDA INDONESIA)
by Rifki Praditya – BORDA Indonesia

Indonesia: The Beginning Steps to Implement Water Safety through FSM Toolbox

BORDA had developed a specific system solution contributing to water safety. The contribution to water safety will be ensured by linking and applying the World Health Organization concepts Sanitation Safety Plans and Water Safety Plans. It was planned in the catchment areas of water utility with water resource protection zones. In Southeast Asia region especially in Indonesia, BORDA developed that program in Sleman Regency of Yogyakarta Special Province as a pilot project. Under MoU with Public Works Ministry, BORDA Indonesia and partners should continue their activities to implement it indeed regencies.

As the first step, BORDA Indonesia and Local Government of Sleman signed an MoU on 26th December 2016 between BORDA SEA Representative, Mr. Frank Fladerer and The Head of Sleman Regency, Mr. Sri Purnomo. They will implement MoU together through FSM (Faecal Sludge Management). Based on data of sanitation in Sleman, around 94,34% have a sanitation access and it has a target in 2019 to increase 2% become 96,19%. Furthermore, to gain more and reach the better quality sanitation in Sleman, BORDA Indonesia and AIT (Asian Institute Technology) Bangkok, Thailand, collaborated with Local Government of Sleman held a workshop for two days from 24th – 25th January 2017.

The workshop conducted in Sleman Regency office with the primary topic of FSM Toolbox introduction. Around 20 participants came from Sleman representatives, university students, sanitation communities, BORDA Indonesia’s partners, and South Tangerang city representatives. At opening workshop, three representatives from Sleman (Mr. Sumadi), BORDA Indonesia (Mrs. Marina Brueckner-Supriyono) and Ministry Public Works (Mr. Ad Syaiful Rahman) gave some speech in general about facts of sanitation in Indonesia particular in Sleman. Moreover, they also supported to implement FSM toolbox as a key and a best solution to manage sludge in right way, so it will be help Sleman to treat and optimize its sanitation in the future.

During the workshop, all participants had guided by two persons from AIT, They were Su Su Myat and Khristina Thapa. They introduced, explained, and discussed about FSM Toolbox. The main components of FSM Toolbox such as Situational Assessment Tool and Financial Assessment Tool. 

On the second day, all participants went to the communal plant at the back of  Sleman Regency office to gain more insight and see directly the disludging process. Afterward, two speakers from AIT said that the operators should use gloves, boots, and mask as healthy procedures. If not, we could get bad impact such as the bacteria of E. Coli will infect our body. The desludging activity should be conducted regularly.

According to materials of the workshop, the speaker asked all participants to write down evaluation and the next planning regarding FSM. Additionally, they also could integrate the FSM toolbox in field activities. The participants hoped that the workshop was not only explain the tool, but also help the local government to manage their sanitation problems.