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22.12.2016 08:31 Category: IBOR (BORDA INDONESIA)
by Rifki Praditya – BORDA Indonesia

Indonesia: The Achievement Gold Standard Certificate for CBO in National Stakeholder Meeting

This year BORDA NGO Network (BORDA Indonesia, BEST, and LPTP) held the national stakeholder meeting attended by various stakeholders on KIPRAH VER portfolio. The meeting conducted as consolidation media and a dissemination forum to public regarding the process of Gold Standard Microscale KIPRAH VER. About the theme, it refers to optimization of MRF KIPRAH VER into supporting SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

Although the meeting was held for two days, 7th – 8th December 2016 in Cakra Kembang Hotel, Yogyakarta, all of the sessions could represent each stakeholder communication, such as CBO for management organization of MRF and LG representatives that correlated into KIPRAH VER activities. Furthermore, it could strengthen relationships among LG, CBO, and BORDA NGO Network as well as encouraging the operational of waste management program in each MRF in every city/regency.

Approximately 30 CBO representatives of KIPRAH VER members and non members from D.I. Yogyakarta, Sidoarjo regency, and South Tangerang also 15 LG representatives from same region of CBOs attended. The meeting was opened by Directorate PPLP to give motivation and appreciation of CBO performances under KIPRAH VER program. According to the meeting, the sessions divided into two parts; on first day, all participants had overview of KIPRAH VER generally, discussion to exchange experiences and insights, thus on second day, they had field study to improve their soft skills of waste management, in particular of organic waste at CBO Purwo Berhati located in Bayen, Kalasan, Yogyakarta.

Besides that, they obtained explanation about organic waste from INSTIPER (Institute of Agriculture STIPER Yogyakarta), general forum group discussion, and evaluations. Additionally, preparation for CBO of KIPRAH VER 2017 work programs and targets and LG support for plan preparations for CBO of KIPRAH VER 2017.

The unforgettable moment of the meeting when all CBOs member of KIPRAH VER achieved Gold Standard certificate as an appreciation of the contribution and hard work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Based on data collected, the reduction in each year from 2013 until now is increasing significantly: ~ 1,400 tons of organic waste / ~ 1,000 tCO2eq (1st year: June 2013 - May 2014), ~ 1,800 tons of organic waste / ~ 1,200 tCO2eq (2nd year: June 2014 - May 2015) and ~ 5,000 tons of organic waste / ~ 3,300 tCO2eq (3rd year: June 2015 - May 2016). For 4th year still ongoing process now.

The award handover of certificates to the representatives of CBO KIPRAH VER was done directly by Mrs. Marina Brueckner as Program Coordinator BORDA Indonesia. There was a pride for them due to motivating to other potential members who will join into KIPRAH VER. "We are very proud and satisfied of this achievement, but it is not enough for this time, my friends and I in MRF must work hard to manage waste better," explained Mr. Yudhistira, the head of CBO Mulya Sari located in South Tangerang.

The successful introduction of KIPRAH VER program was an indicator that the program were being recieved very well and become community based waste management solutions.