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20.12.2016 05:35 Category: IBOR (BORDA INDONESIA)
by Anggita – Internship Student BORDA Indonesia

Indonesia: Stepping-up BORDA Indonesia’s image through Photography Workshop

To improve the quality of photo accompanying BORDA Indonesia’s articles and for any contents of other publications, BORDA Indonesia held a one-day photography workshop with a New Zealand born photographer, Alasdair Jardine. The workshop took place after Jardine finished his photo story project in Aceh, Indonesia for FSM conference next year.

The photography workshop was conducted on Saturday, 17th December with 7 participants, who mainly consisted of Communication and R&D (Research and Development) staffs. The workshop consisted of two main activities: in-class photography technique presentation by Jardine and field practice.

During the presentation that took place in the meeting hall of BORDA Office, Jardine delivered basic photography techniques such as how to choose the best angle and balance the photo composition. He also advised the participants to conceptualize the photos that they would take during field work. In addition, Rifki Praditya as Communication Officer from BORDA Indonesia, emphasized the importance of a communicative and representative photo for BORDA’s image. It is also more aesthetically pleasing for the audience to gaze at an engaging photo.

After almost one hour of class session, the participants headed to the DEWATS CBS site in Gajah Wong village, Yogyakarta. All participants were asked to photograph the manholes from various angles. Trying to capture the image of BORDA Indonesia’s impact in the society, Jardine also encourages the participants to take some pictures of the neighborhood and the people’s living condition.

The three hour long workshop was finished after every participant got a chance to discuss their photos quality with Alasdair. As the R&D staffs are the one who get to travel to project sites and the Communication staffs are the one in charge with BORDA’s publication, hopefully this workshop can help to improve the photos used in BORDA Indonesia’s publications as well as to develop their soft skills of photography.