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Vietnam: Official Meeting with The City Government on The Integrated Sanitation Solutions in Period 2017 – 2019

10.02.2017-by Pham Hai Yen – BORDA Vietnam

Vice Chairman of Bac Ninh City Government held the official meeting between its departments of Planning and Finance, Economy, Natural Resources and Environment, Urban Management, Project Management Board, Television Chanel and...[more]

Indonesia: The Beginning Steps to Implement Water Safety through FSM Toolbox

27.01.2017-by Rifki Praditya – BORDA Indonesia

BORDA had developed a specific system solution contributing to water safety. The contribution to water safety will be ensured by linking and applying the World Health Organization concepts Sanitation Safety Plans and Water Safety...[more]

Laos: FSM Toolbox Trainers from Asian Institute of Technology Introduced FSM, FSM Toolbox and Hand-On Training on FSM Situational Assessment Tool in Luang Prabang

27.12.2016-by Bonnie Dang – BORDA Laos

BORDA Laos staff as well as members of the Department of Housing and Urban Planning (DHUP), which belongs to the Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MPWT), and mem-bers of the local Luang Prabang Urban Development...[more]

Indonesia: The Achievement Gold Standard Certificate for CBO in National Stakeholder Meeting

22.12.2016-by Rifki Praditya – BORDA Indonesia

This year BORDA NGO Network (BORDA Indonesia, BEST, and LPTP) held the national stakeholder meeting attended by various stakeholders on KIPRAH VER portfolio. The meeting conducted as consolidation media and a dissemination forum...[more]

Indonesia: Stepping-up BORDA Indonesia’s image through Photography Workshop

20.12.2016-by Anggita – Internship Student BORDA Indonesia

To improve the quality of photo accompanying BORDA Indonesia’s articles and for any contents of other publications, BORDA Indonesia held a one-day photography workshop with a New Zealand born photographer, Alasdair Jardine. The...[more]

How Women Pose an Important Role for the Success of the MRF

15.12.2016-by Anggita - Internship Student BORDA Indonesia

Before Material Recovery Facility (MRF) 3R Purwo Berhati was first established, the members of Pembinaan Kesejahteraan Keluarga (PKK) played a relatively important role in consciousness-raising effort regarding the value of...[more]

Philippines: Negros Oriental on Provincial-wide DEWATS

14.12.2016-by Engr. Marlon Oiga – BNS Philippines

Basic Needs Services Inc. (BNS-Phils.) was invited to attend and present the result of the preliminary feasibility studies for the Cities and Municipalities of Negros Oriental for their wastewater management requirements...[more]

The 8th Uncle Dino Goes to School: Giving Takakura Method as a part of Solid Waste Education

09.12.2016-by Anggita – Internship Student BORDA Indonesia

Tuesday, 22 November 2016, Kita Pro Sampah (We Pro Waste—KIPRAH) held The 8th Uncle Dino Goes to School (UDGS) program in Candirejo Elementary School, Sleman. It was the first UDGS roadshow in Sleman Regency. UDGS is a quarterly...[more]

Vietnam: Signing MoU with Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DoNRE) of Hoi An city to disseminate conventional DEWATS at 3 schools in Hoi An city

06.12.2016-by Pham Hai Yen – BORDA Vietnam

After successful implementation and operation of first DEWATS-SBS at Cam Thanh Primary School in Hoi An city with effluent analyzed meet the National Technical Standards at column B, the local government decided to continue...[more]

Laos: Annual Stakeholder Meeting 2016 – New Action Plan to Implement DEWATS Projects

05.12.2016-by Bonnie Dang – BORDA Laos

BORDA Laos staff and members of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport came together to talk about the new Action Plan as well as to discuss the cooperation and responsibilities of implementing DEWATS projects. The annual...[more]

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