BORDA and BNS Network

BORDA advises and facilitates projects in the sectors of decentralised sanitation, wastewater treatment, water and energy supply, and solid waste disposal in Asia and Africa. Active for over 30 years, BORDA is part of a network of international research and development organisations.

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Basic Needs Services

Basic Needs Services (BNS) are directly linked to the UN's Millenium Development Goals and are in keeping with the objectives of climate protection of the Kyoto Protocol. They are actions geared towards improving living conditions for disadvantaged target groups.

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DEWATS Service Packages

BORDA strives to create sanitation solutions: DEWATS (Decentralised Wastewater Treatment Solutions) Service Packages include not simply the construction of this proven solution but a whole set of integrated measures, combined according to demand.

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BORDA is facilitating BNS development projects in Asia and Africa. Currently there are more than 20 project cooperation offices worldwide of partner organisations, accountable for planning and implementation of socialstructure development projects.

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News from BORDA Southeast Asia

Laos: First School Based Sanitation Project in Laos

by Sarah Kärcher – Weltwaerts BORDA Laos, 27.09.2016

The Kick-off Meeting for the first SBS Project in Laos was conducted in September 2016. BORDA Laos staff and competent authorities met in Huay Xai District, Bokeo Province to discuss about the coming project and tasks. [more]

Cambodia:SBS Lite 2.0 Construction Finished in Siem Reap

by Christian Zarmstorf – Weltwaerts ESC-BORDA Cambodia, 02.09.2016

By the end of May, 2016, the construction of WASH facilities in 10 Siem Reap schools was nearly done.[more]

Cambodia: SBS-Lite 2.0 School Level Hand Washing Competition in Siem Reap

by Hannes Wiedemann – Weltwaerts ESC-BORDA Cambodia, 26.08.2016

From May 16th to 18th, 2016, ESC-BORDA conducted the School Level Hand Washing Competition at 10 SBS-Lite 2.0 schools in Siem Reap province.[more]

Cambodia: 3rd SBS-Lite 2.0 Coaching in Siem Reap

by Hannes Wiedemann – Weltwaerts ESC-BORDA Cambodia, 24.08.2016

To conduct the 3rd Coaching at 9 SBS-Lite 2.0 schools, ESC-BORDA staff went to Siem Reap province from March15th to 17th.[more]

Philippines: Operation and Maintenance Training at the Center for Community Transformation- Training and Development Institute (CCT-TDI) Campus.

by Louise Cac – BNS Philippines, 19.08.2016

The Center for Community Transformation (CCT) is an organized Christian response against poverty and social injustice. This is carried out through the fusion of social development initiatives and evangelical mission is a uniquely...[more]

Mit BORDA weltwaerts 

“Learning through active helping“ is the motto of the voluntary service program Weltwärts for young people between the ages of 18 and 28.

For those interested in volunteering in developing countries, the program offers a chance to acquire international experience, intercultural skills, and professional qualifications.

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An estimated 75 million people in Indonesia lack basic sanitation facilities.  Less than 5% of the population is served by conventional sewerage systems. Millions of Indonesian urban residents discharge human excrement and household wastewater directly into the aquatic environment.
The aim of the SANIMAS program is to develop together with Indonesian Communities a sustainable sanitation system managed by the community.

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Mapping of Implementations 

In cooperation with Google Earth, BORDA shows an overview of their projects in South Asia, Southeast Asia and Southern Africa, SADC.

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DEWATS Newsletter

BORDA publishes the electronic newsletter on DEWATS Information quarterly.

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DEWATS Special Newsletter 

BORDA received the Development Solutions Award by IWA for outstanding “innovations and contributions to technology and community facilitation that transform service delivery in low income urban settlements.” read more



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