BORDA in Southeast Asia

BORDA South East Asia (SEA)

BORDA SEA aims to improve the living conditions for disadvantaged groups and to protect the environment in Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, the Philippines and China through wastewater management and solid waste management.BORDA SEA facilitates activities in the fields of:

  • Decentralized wastewater treatment systems (DEWATS) for small and medium enterprises (SME)
  • Community-Based Sanitation (CBS) including DEWATS:
    • Community Sanitation Center (CSC)
    • Simple Sewerage System (SSS)
  • DEWATS for Septic Sludge Treatment (STP)
  • Decentralized Solid Waste Management (DESWAM)
  • Sanitation Mapping(SANMAP)
  • Quality Management and Internal Certification (QMS)
  • Prefabrication and Emergency Sanitation
  • Health Impact Assessment (HIA)


In 1988 BORDA started its activities in Yogyakarta, Indonesia by implementing rural and urban development projects in cooperation with Indonesian NGOs. The initial focus was on income-generating programs, local institution-building and the supply of renewable energy through biogas as well as clean water supply, and the improvement of private sanitation facilities.

Today BORDA co-operates in Indonesia with the three partners BEST (Bina Ekonomi Sosial Terpadu), Balifokus and LPTP C-BETech to implement the BNS Package (Basic Needs Service).

The BORDA office in Yogyakarta has become the regional office since 1st January 2008, integrating the project management for Vietnam, Southern China (Yunan and Zeijang Province), Philippines, Lao, Cambodia and Indonesia.

The south-south transfer of knowledge on the BNS Service packages in between the participating partners in the SEA countries ensure an effective and high standard dissemination of the BNS Service Package in the region.

Areas of Activity

The main emphasis of BORDA SEA is DEWATS, in particular DEWATS CBS as well as SME's, and the establishment of community based organizations to provide sustainable operation and maintenance of the facilities.

To allow the upscaling of the DESWAM service package BORDA SEA in cooperation with IDRC develops  a pro poor carbon financing scheme under the Kyoto protocol.

The target groups of BORDA SEA are mostly urban low income communities and local governments.

In Indonesia, BORDA strongly emphasis on the enhancement of DESWAM (decentralized solid waste management for low income urban communities) as well as continuing the national program of community based sanitation (SANIMAS) through the dissemination of DEWATS. The program has entered a phase, where best practices are transferred into technical and social implementation standard as well as improving the involved human resources capacity trough trainings and certification. This assured the DEWATS CBS support to the achievement of the MDGs through sustainable technical infrastructure as well as constant community participation in operational and maintenance.  The upscaling of service packages on DEWATS CBS has reached nationwide dimensions in Indonesia.

The working group on Indonesian’s national policy on water supply and sanitation is cooperating with BORDA and its local NGO partners as the main supporting network for community based sanitation with more than 88 implementations-including school based sanitation and 7 for decentralized solid waste management (DESWAM) until the end of 2009.

In the Philippines BORDA is co-operating with BNS Philippines to introduce DEWATS as a viable option for waste water and environmental health problems in urban areas. Transferring of know how was conducted by Indonesian experts within the context of the BORDA south-south dissemination program.  

In Cambodia, within the context of south-south capacity building, specialists on DEWATS from Indonesia have been facilitated by BORDA to support in enhancing its' capacity concerning DEWATS know how. In 2010 3 DEWATS plant were inaugurated.

In Vietnam the BORDA project office has been downgraded to a branch office. Indonesian Specialists support the capacity building at the Vietname Partners concerning DEWATS applications.

In Laos  BORDA co-operates with  LIRE (Lao Institut for Renewable Energy) to implement DEWATS projects  in one of Southeast Asias least developed countries. Besides the DEWATS programs BORDA SEA focuses in Laos on the the supply of drinking water  in rural areas.


Providing the BNS Service Package BORDA SEA is using different basic strategies to ensure the sustainability and successful up scaling of the programs.

The planning and implementation of the BNS Service Package in SEA is based on a multistakeholder approach. BORDA SEA involves all stakeholders to ensure the sustainability of the programs and the support of all parties involved.

The  upscaling of the BNS Service Package is based on co-financing by local governments for soft-components such as community facilitation and full coverage of hardware costs by external sources, mostly local and national governments, private clients, some parts also covered by external donors.

BORDA SEA aims to makes its programs available on a large scale in the target countires in the region. To reach this aim BORDA SEA develops demonstration projects, best practices, the elaboration of good practices, dissemination and coherent development of standards and standard procedures, which are verified by a verification board where all partners of the project are participating.


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